• 2020 May
    Invest Jiangsu 3e Precision Co. Ltd.
  • 2016 Apr.
    Invest Dongguan 3e Electronic Ltd.
  • 2014 Jul.
    Invest Chongqing Xinsu Electronics Co. Ltd. , to provide customer Laser and Die-casting service.
  • 2014 Jun.
    Kunshan 3e factory extension in KS for capacity expansion.
  • 2013 Nov.
    Invest Kunshan Mitek Precision Electronic Components Co., Ltd., to provide customer Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology products.
  • 2010 Sep.
    Kunshan factory- Invest Kunshan 3E Electronics Co. Ltd. 
  • 2008 Apr.
    • 3e Yamaichi is founded.
    • Authorized distributor of Yamaichi connector.